Research and development is often the first step in the business development process. The role of the R&D department is crucial when it comes to product innovation and development or process refinement. Following this principle, our company tries to use the latest skills and knowledge of the world by using it’s expert team to design and build new machines and find innovative ways to upgrade and improve its current products, which As a result, it ensures safe and comfortable driving for it’s customers.

Objectives of the Research and Development Unit:

  • Production of new product or products and quality improvement
  • Generate new knowledge to develop products and optimize processes
  • Fast profit returns, fast performance improvements
  • Discover and understand market opportunities and needs
  • Strong participation in knowledge and learning processes
  • Improving the efficiency of human resources, which ultimately increases people’s income
  • Increasing competitive force in domestic and foreign arenas and active presence in global markets
  • Improving the level of self-reliance
  • Research to reduce production waste and find smart solutions to reduce production costs

Images of research and development unit