Hydraulic steering box parts

Functions of the steering box in the car :This part of the steering system, which is the main part of it, while transferring the torque of the driver’s hand to the wheels, also performs the process of increasing this torque. The steering box is attached to the car cabin and transmits the torque and rotation of the steering wheel to the crankshaft through the joints and tubes of the steering system. This part of the steering system has different types and each type is composed of special components. But the functions of the control box are the same for all types and do not change. These tasks include the following: – Increase torque and reduce rotational movement and rotational movement of the driver’s hand – Change the steering wheel rotation plate to the mechanical steering wheel plate – Convert rotary and rotational movement of the steering wheel to linear steering lever movement


In a hydraulic steering system, by turning the steering wheel, you move the gear with the help of the shaft penion gear and the piston connected to the gear shaft helps to move the gear shaft with the help of high pressure hydraulic oil, this pressure is created by the hydraulic pump, gear The shoulder (rackbar) is the inner part of the steering box.


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