Gas spring

Gas springs are mainly used because of their quiet and quiet operation, but they are more expensive than springs and their lifespan is reasonable. Inexpensive jacks used in some monitor stands, like many Chinese monitor stands, lose a bit of power each year until they are finally able to hold your monitor. Gas springs have a slower “push” (controlled release force) and when compressed, the force increases exponentially. It takes less force to compress the system at the beginning of the stroke, but much more at the end of the stroke (see diagram below). The force from the gas strut depends on its internal pressure.


How does a car spring work? The gas spring consists of a precision rod attached to a piston that moves inside a sealed cylinder containing pressurized nitrogen gas and oil. Its force (F) is equal to the pressure difference (P) between internal and external pressures (environment) that affects the cross section of the bar (A).

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